Country Rock N' Roll Show

No, you will not hear any songs by Donnie & Marie!!! So git yer boots on, tilt yer cowboy hat and git ready to Yeeeee Hawww your way thru this rolling country and Rock N Roll romp thru some of the greatest Country and Rock artists of our time. Jimmy Mazz takes you back to visit great classics by Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, but quickly crossover into the Rock N Roll world of Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond and Billy Joel just to name a few. These are extraordinary impressions of these great performers and are a true tribute to the look, personality and voices of these great artists. You'll hear rockers like Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Dion, and Country greats like Blake Shelton, George Stait, and Glen Campbell. Our veterans are then gloriously recognized as a salute to those attending, and those gone but not forgotten is dramatically performed and remembered. And no stopping there! You won't be able to help yourself but join in for the finale as Jimmy (and you) sing Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen and more. You're sure to be amazed by these spot-on authentic characters and the timeless music in this spectacular show! Yeeee Hawww!!!!

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